Generus Capital

Asset Management Consultancy           

             for Market Entry, Fund Setup, Distribution & Marketing                                                  


  You are in the business of providing investment management services to your clients, so that they and you prosper. In order to achieve that you have to beat the competition, meet or exceed your clients’ expectations and often satisfy other stakeholders as well. Last, but not least you need to ensure that in a globalised market your products are actually available to interested investors.

This is where Generus Capital comes in. We advise on market entry strategies, fund and office setup, legal & compliance issues, as well as distribution and marketing.

We would be delighted to collaborate with you on projects or initiate longer term relationships. The way we work is both visionary and hands-on or in other words “we enable our clients to successfully enter new markets”.

Welcome to Generus Capital.


Generus [Latin] - To be delivered, to be born

T:  +44 (0) 77 4763 5330